Buzzer Beater Kawhi Print

$18.00 CAD

The Kawhi craze is in full effect here at Leeloodles. After the heart racing bouncing bucket win against Philly how could Leeloo not want to draw up Mr. King of the North, Kawhi Leonard.
Naturally I, Mommager Diana, asked her where she wanted to donate these proceeds to. And for the first time in 3 years, Leeloo smiled and said, "ME!". Leeloo has expressed that instead of donating to any charities this time around, that she wants to take the money earned from these prints and take her sisters to Disney World this summer. I couldn't be more than happy for the selfless choice she made. Let's make this happen Team Leeloodles!!

This 7 x 10 print is digitally printed onto 80 lbs card stock paper. Hand numbered, stamped & signed by Leeloo

This print will be safely packed with a cardboard backing inside a clear cellophane bag. Then sandwiched between more cardboard then shipped out in a bubbled envelop.

Please note that colour may vary slightly, due to screen lighting, brightness, etc.

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