Capsule (Akira Series)

$10.00 CAD - $37.00 CAD

Adult restock Do West Fest June 2024

This t-shirt was the reason why Leeloodles even exist. Drawn at 7 years old, this image was requested by her Dadvertiser. Leeloo had originally drawn the entire scene where Kaneda side skids on his bike upon the bridge with infamous Neo-Toyko in the background. Her dad cleaned up the image later to just Kaneda and the iconic bike for print only.
A common question that has been asked, is if Leeloo has watched or read the Akira series. NO! Besides her dad requesting the image, her family at the time was expecting baby no.3, who in turn was being named after the character from Akira. Hence the reason to the Akira series images. There was also a Tetseo image that she requested not be printed.