OG Scribble Face Lapel Pin

$6.00 CAD

Represent Leeloodles everyday & everywhere you go by pinning this bad boy to your jacket, tote, backpack or anywhere else you can think of.

Hard enamel pin measures in at 1.25", refer to picture for quarter comparison. Round and is double thick at 2mm. Features a black rubber clutch to hold pin in place.

The face of Leeloodles. An image that has been a family favourite since it was drawn. Leeloo scribbled this face onto a green sheet of construction paper with red crayon at the tender age of 2.5 years old. She drew many of these faces around the home, across the walls and anything really. This particular face stuck with the family and the original image now hangs proudly in her bedroom. You can see Mommager & Dadvertiser sporting it permanently on their arms.